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Northgate Market
Fontana Opening

Northgate Market<br> Fontana Opening


Welcome Northgate Market Fontana!

The music is still ringing from the Fontana High School Marching Band as Northgate Market celebrates the grand opening of its newest location in the city of Fontana this week! We couldn’t be happier with the turnout as barricades lined with people wrapped all along the store front waiting to shop the ‘latino market for everyone.’

Celebrating over four decades of service


From its humble beginnings in 1980 Northgate Market prides itself on three pillars: education, well-being, and faith (whatever religion that may be). Going from one grocery store that was converted from a liquor store, Northgate Market now has over 42 locations spanning Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties. Through all the growth, Northgate Market remains a family-owned and operated business.


Realizing that with growth comes responsibility, Northgate Market created the Familia Gonzalez-Reynoso Foundation, with a mission to plant seeds that help community members and organizations to grow by providing scholarships to their employees and to the children of their employees. They also donate to local sports teams, community events and neighborhood schools.


It is no wonder the community of Fontana welcomes Northgate Market with open arms and plenty of excitement– and why we couldn’t be happier to be fully stocked in their colorful ‘Frozen Novelty’ section!


To Find a Northgate Market near you that carries FrutiFruit, click on our store locator.

Congratulations Northgate Market Fontana!

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