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Game Day with Fruti Fruit!

Game Day with Fruti Fruit!


The Super Bowl is an exciting time for sport, friends, family, and of course, delicious food. While traditional Superbowl snacks are not particularly the healthiest, the ones that do take time to prepare. But now there’s a way to serve the tastiest frozen fruit packed in a convenient grab and go tube! Fruti Fruit makes it easy to eat healthy and have fun while doing it.

Introducing “Fruti Fruit 100% Fruit. Never Anything Else!” These convenient snacks are perfect for those who want to enjoy a healthy treat while still enjoying all the Super Bowl fun. Here are a few reasons why Fruti Fruit is the perfect addition to your Superbowl spread:


Imagine serving the tastiest frozen fruit without having to do any of the work it takes to serve it? Well with Fruti Fruit you can. We make sure every tube of fruit is as delicious as the last because we s source the best fruit from around the world— sure to please everybody at the party.


With individually packaged Fruti Fruit snacks, there’s no need to chop, slice or prepare anything. Simply grab a tube, and you’re ready to go.


Take your Fruti Fruit 100% Fruit. Never Anything Else! snack on-the-go to enjoy at a friend’s house or while tailgating. These snacks are compact and easy to transport, making them perfect for the big game.

Healthy Alternative

Frozen fruit is a healthy alternative to traditional Superbowl snacks like chips and dip. Fruti Fruit is a wholesome, low-calorie snack high in nutrients— a great choice for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


With Fruti Fruit, 100% Fruit. Never Anything Else! There’s a variety of flavors to choose from. From Fruti Fruit Pomegranate, Fruti Fruit Pineapple, Fruti Fruit Red Grapefruit to Fruti Fruit Mango, there’s something for everyone, make sure to share your favorite Fruti Fruit moments on our Instagram!

So next time you’re prepping for the Superbowl, don’t forget to add some Fruti Fruit 100% Fruit. Never Anything Else!™️ to your snack spread. This sweet and healthy treat is sure to be a hit with everyone, win or lose!

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