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Let’s celebrate international
pomegranate month

Let’s celebrate international <br>pomegranate month

Happy International Pomegranate Month

Some people say the fig is the oldest fruit on earth, while others claim it’s the pomegranate. Either way, pomegranate has a history that precedes possibly even us humans. And in case you didn’t know, its benefits almost outweigh its richness in taste.


Pomegranates are packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber, and folate to name a few. With anti-inflamatory, anti-desease, and antioxidant properties under its belt. Knowing this, you’re probably wondering why pomegranates are not on the table tops of every household in the world?

The truth is, the pomegranate can be quite intimidating with its tough skin and its tiny arils that pop and bleed everywhere when simply cutting a pomegranate open.

Did you know?


We search the globe for the best in season, perfectly ripe pomegranates and we cultivate these pomegranates in such a way that 99% of the fruit is harvested with almost little to NO FOOD WASTE. This is huge and puts big smiles on our faces which is why we cannot stop sharing our love for our fruit.

If you’ve never had a pomegranate we encourage you to try Fruti Fruit Pomegranate. It is all the goodness and richness in taste without all the work and of course, the mess!

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